Sunday, October 10, 2010

Procrastination Averted!

Here it is.

It's taken me all day to get this far. I chose a user name, created the blog and updated the formatting over the course of 6 hours. Finally, I'm writing. Procrastination wins again, for a little while anyway.

I've discovered something very important about my procrastination. I will only procrastinate a specific thing until something comes along that's more daunting or necessary. I began creating this blog to put off working on DIFTY (my novel). Then I put off completing the blog to get school work together. Now that I have all of my books for class here beside me, I've put them off to write this blog. See how that works?

This is a fantastic discovery for me. This means all I have to do is find something less enjoyable that needs to be done. The less enjoyable thing will propel me towards the thing I really need to get done... writing!

Well, that's how it should work ... in theory.

How do you curb procrastination?

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