Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ready-O for NaNo... maybe.

I've been reading the forums on the NaNoWriMo site in preparation for November first. I laughed pretty hard today reading about the possibilities of people suspended in Jell-O and the other day reading about how much tin foil it would take to make a ball of foil as large as a shed.

Today, there's a thread about the 1667 words needed per day to meet the 50K goal by month end. The thread starter timed herself to see how long it would take to reach that goal per day depending on focus, distractions, ideas, etc... The posts that followed are both hysterically funny and horrifying at the same time. Some seem to have a handle on it and claim to be able to do to in under an hour. Others, like me, are less likely to complete the word count needed in less than 3 hours each day! I will time myself later this evening.

I also read a thread about the things writers keep around them while they write. At first the objects seemed like distractions from writing, but as I've begun to collect my own objects they seem more likely to keep me in my seat and at least near my writing. If I'm blowing bubbles from my little eyeball container, then I'm still seated at my desk and probably still thinking about the next word on the page. Right? Sure.

This is the last weekend before NaNo officially begins. Here's my list of things to do before Monday:
  1. Snack Food - fruits, Twizzlers, gum, tea, coffee
  2. Candles - running low on the good smelly kind
  3. CD's - organize my CD's so I dont waste time trying to find the "mood" (hmm. alphabetically or genre)
  4. Pencils - mechanical thank you very much
  5. Rules - ensure the household knows that from 7pm - 9pm they dont exist ... unless I'm stuck, lonely or out of Twizzlers..
  6. Hat - writing hat... find it!

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