Monday, October 25, 2010

Setting the Scene

Getting in the mood is hard, especially when forced. I think about it all day at work when I can't do it. I get excited about doing it when I get home, but the house comes first. Once all is done and I'm alone with my thoughts... I can't do it! I try and try, over and over... I just can't get there. I just can't get to that beautiful quiet in my head that streams with endless descriptions, dialogue and plot. Write something, dammit!

My writing room is small but filled with toys that stimulate my senses. Books, candles, stereo, lip gloss, bubbles, funny pens, pictures ripped from magazines and various quotes, heart shaped boxes, humorous clocks, note cards in bright colors, a slinky, my dog's bed (sometimes graced with her presence)... all of these things clue me in that there's magic waiting to happen. I also have a striped hat that I wear when it's time to get serious and make progress.

So here I am surrounded by the things I love and things that make me feel creative., except my hat. I can't find it at the moment. Maybe that's the problem today. My creativity is escaping through my hair follicles.

Of course the feeling, the need and the urgency will return tomorrow and dare me to steal away at work to give in to the creative passion and crazy rush it brings. Dare I sneak off to my car? The bathroom? In the staff break room? I like the thought of returning to my office with a sly grin, flushed cheeks and a notebook of random breakthroughs.

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