Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Best Laid Plans

NaNoWriMo is upon me. Day 1, I surpassed my goal of 1667 words. Day 2, I am short already. The day is not yet over and I'm gaining willpower to "just do it" but pushing aside everything else is proving harder than I expected.

When I decided to write 50K words in a month, I thought my biggest issue would be thinking of enough words to fill the 1667/day requirement. I was wrong. The writing is easy. You start with a few words and before you know it you have over 300 .. then over 800 and so on.

Why is the dog barking? Why is my son freaking out.. again? Did I finish that project at work? Is the dryer done? Where's my coffee? Did I pay that bill? Why is the TV so loud? Where is the dog? Where is my son? Why can't I focus? Who is playing bongos and WHY NOW?

This... this is the reason I will not make my goal in the coming days. The "easy button" I bought from Staples does not work against the dark forces of the household. Perhaps some rewiring is in order...

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