Sunday, November 7, 2010

Better Than a Smoothie and a Cupcake

I decided to go Barnes and Noble today to beat down the word count I'm increasingly missing. (Never you mind the stop at Bruester's for ice cream) I meandered through the cafe ( the good spot taken... you know the one nearest to an outlet and the second good spot... the one where no one can possibly read over my shoulder). After assaulting a stranger with paper towels in the bathroom, I headed for the YA section.

Now, I like vampire books as much as the next person (well, the next person that likes vampire books) but the YA area seems to be overrun with them. After sifting through books and book covers with fangs, full lips or blood droplets, I found two shelves of books about anything but vampires. The new ideas blew me away. I wanted to read them, not so much for the sake of the story but to find out just how they pulled it off!

As I was standing there amazed, a few YA's (yes they do exist) browsed books near me. They commented on one or the other and how they hate it when they buy a book they've already read. I continued picking up a book now and then but not to review them. I wanted to hear more from these girls. I wanted to ask them what they enjoy most in a book. I wanted to know what they were tired of reading. I wanted to know if their friends read the same books they did and vice versa. These girls had read so many books they couldn't tell from the covers if they'd read them before. These girls were my future market and they were reading voraciously.

I wanted to know a lot of things, but you know as well as I do theYA can be skittish. One minute they are talking freely and laughing with their friends but if an outsider interrupts it can be ... awkward. I opted not to interrupt them. Just as I was about to walk away a teen brought a book to her mother explaining to her with much excitement that this was the next book in the series. As I was leaving it was decided she would get it for her later now that she knew she wanted it. That sucks.

Back in the cafe, the outlet seat still taken and the hidden seat filled, I settled for this seat. I hadn't been here 10 minutes before the teen and her mom sat at the table in front of me both with smoothies and the girl with a chocolate cupcake. I like cupcakes as much as the next person (well, the next person that likes cupcakes) but between you and me... for the cost of two smoothies and a chocolate cupcake, mom could have bought the book. The book would have lasted much longer than the chocolate smudges in the corners of the girl's mouth and been better for her.

Books > Cupcakes

Edit: After all this, I can't focus here. I'm going back home!

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