Saturday, November 6, 2010

Workshops, Ideas and NaNo

Lots of knowledge gained today! First up... writing workshop!

The Chesterfield Writer's Club presented a workshop today complete with authors, publishers and instructors. The workshop started with how to begin as a writer, moving to structure and craft and wrapping up with publishing and marketing. This was the first effort by this group and they did a fantastic job. Some of the information was repetitive for me but I learned something new from each section. The best part for me was meeting an author I admire. Local Richmond author Michele Young-Stone wrote "The Handbook for Lightning Strike Survivors". I'd seen a few experts about her and heard that she often attended small book clubs to not only promote her book but to talk to them about her experience as a write. I contacted her about attending the workshop as a panelist and she accepted. She shared her experience as a new writer trying to publish a debut book and I ate it up was a spoon. What I really appreciated about her story is that she knew exactly what she wanted when she wrote the book as far as publishing and how she wanted it done. Goals are key to success. Know what you want, how you want it and then do what it takes to get there! (see the linking I did up there for her? one day someone will do that for me too!)

During the work shop a plot bunny tried to take over and distract me from learning. Having read the plot bunnies thread on the NaNoWriMo site I was fully prepared. I immediately found a piece of paper, jotted it down until the bunny fuzz settled and returned to the workshop without distraction. Sometimes you just have to write it down in order to forget it and move on. It worked. I did get a couple of ideas during the workshop that will fit fantastically into the novel I'm writing... excited to get back to it.

Which brings me to my current status with NaNoWriMo. This is day 6 and according to the 1,667 per day rule, I should reach 10,001 by midnight. Should is the operative word here... I currently have 6,370 words. Now that's 6,370 words more than I had 6 days ago so it's definitely a success. However, I need to step this up and get closer to the day to day goal. Which explains perfectly why I'm here procrastinating.

*eye roll*

Yes, yes... I'm going now.

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