Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Writing is in the Numbers

I passed small sign at the end of a driveway today that read "11900" ...

On any normal day this sign would have obviously meant the house at the other end of the driveway was house number 11900 on whatever road I happened to be driving. Today is not a normal day. Today is halfway through week two of NaNoWriMo. Today, I saw that sign and my first thought was "Oh, I almost have that many words down!" The next number I saw reminded me of the number of words I have to go until I reach the coveted 50K goal, then how many words I need to write today to reach my daily goal. I saw my number of pages, my character count, my hours left in the day to get home and actually write.

Writing ... it's all in the numbers.

I love watching the little number count in the lower left of my page. I peek when I start writing and look again after I've come out of an exciting burst. When the starting number and new number differ by more than 100 words, I have to update my count on NaNo. I just have to!

Word sprints are the best. Time is just organized numbers. Start with 10 minutes, post number of words and go another 15 minutes. This time post your word count ever 15 minutes for an hour. I love it!

Well, I've put about 261 words here that could have been in my novel, but that's OK. I'm all warmed up now.

And go...

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