Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bleak Beginnings..

"Bleak" - First Draft = 12 chapters and a meager 159 pages.

There are a few holes and a few heavy chapters. Several scenes need more weight to give them space to carry themselves and break off other scenes for new chapters. Big room for improvement but the base is solid.

Presently, I am staring at the wall. The numbered chapters are split with color coded binder clips. I've written on a few pages and stuck sticky notes to a few others. I've written out the events of each chapter through #6. I am sitting still, but my brain is moving faster than I can decipher. The ideas, the changes, the modifications all stream through my mind and out again before I can make complete sense of them. It's only when I stop trying to understand that it all falls together. A-ha! Makes perfect sense now. And off I go again...

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