Sunday, December 19, 2010

Branching into Cyberspace

I absolutely love the idea of using social networking to post the thoughts of characters from a story. Reaching readers through the programs they use in their everyday lives is genius. Readers can connect with the characters and, in some cases, correspond with them as if they existed. I may have read more as a child if this existed when I was younger.

Using social networking with my novel so far has strictly been for promotional purposes and basically letting others know I have a work in progress (WIP). I want to do more. I want to connect possible readers with my characters before they can even get their hands on the book. I want the reader invested in my characters in ways a novel alone can't do. I have a brilliant idea (so says I), but I'm holding my thoughts until I'm sure. As we all know, once you post something on the internet you can't get it back.

Because I can't exert my idea just yet, the possibilities will drive me nuts. I'll have to buy a new notebook (oh the horror) to use as an outlet for planning and logistics.

In the mean time, enjoy this pic of my writing space which is overrun by one person in particular. This person may or may not cause your eyes to roll up into your head. For that, I apologize in advance.

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