Saturday, December 25, 2010

This, That or the Other?

Sometime before the holidays, mom asked if I wanted a Nook for Christmas. I emphatically told her, "No!" Now that Christmas is over, I'm browsing Barnes 'n Noble and reading up (again) on the Nook.

Why? Well, I still prefer the physical book, but I'm trying to figure out why so many people love the e-readers. A few friends own them and like the ability to carry more than a couple books at a time. I typically only read one book at a time so the thought of having 50 books in one place doesn't appeal to me.

Aside from that, spending my money on something I can't touch creates a different feeling than buying something physical. I rarely buy digital music for the same reason. I can see buying a song or two if that's all you want, but when it comes to buying a full CD, I want the physical property.

Here's my idea for getting "real book" lovers to try out the e-readers. When you buy a real book, you get a code that will allow you to also download the book to your e-reader (free or at a reduced cost). This way I can leave my hardback copy beside my bed and have the e-reader in the line at the grocery store. There. Problem solved!

So what do you prefer? A physical book, the Nook, the Kindle or something else? The iPad is like carrying around a little computer so I don't give it the same wrinkled up nose looks as the e-readers.

Love to read your comments.

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