Saturday, January 22, 2011

Breaking Down the Forest

Working on revision today. I've not been successful in finding a guide for revision of a novel. I divided the novel into 12 chapters a long time ago and am further breaking them down today. I've tabbed each location change with colored sticky-notes that will correspond to the colored note cards I have. I want to use the note cards to break down the scenes. Just breaking down the locations has shown me where I need to expand and where I need to cut out some information. I'm hoping once I get the scenes down on note cards I will then break it down further by what characters are present in the scenes.

My goal is to have this revision complete by the end of February and reprint for another review. The story is only 50K and only about 150 pages. Much more is needed to beef this up. I'm sure there are areas that need more details and information. I remember typing so quickly that I left out detail which may leave the reader confused. I have to remember that the reader cannot see the world the way I do in my mind unless I describe and show them.

For the most part the chapters / events are solid. The ending needs a bit of tweeking and one entire section needs to be reworked. I'm excited about that piece. I still want to somehow incorporate something online for one of the characters. I'm letting that piece simmer a bit more.

Back to breaking down the forest to take a look at the trees, the branches and some leaves...

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