Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Simmer Down...

I've touch my stack of drafted novel chapters several times. I've lovingly grazed my fingers over the words and picked up a pencil now and again only to set it back down. It's not ready for me yet or I'm not ready for it. Something is keeping me from directing my energy towards the revision of this story I adore. I do not intend to change much, just refine what I have. Sure there's a useless chapter and at least one chapter that is yet to be created, but the sum of the parts will be the same in the end. Ah... the end. I love the ending.

So what's keeping my pencil at bay? What's pushing me towards other tasks that need to be done but could certainly wait an hour or three? Any number of distractions or excuses would answer those questions I suppose.

Part of me is still reveling in the sheer fact that I finished writing the first draft. I completed the story. I gave the characters a beginning (which wasn't too hard), a middle (which caused eye twitching) and an end (which brought about arguing with non-existent people). When I look to my shelf of books about writing, the majority of them address the issue of actually writing the novel from beginning to end. I've done that now haven't I? I browsed my local book store for books on revision and what to do next. I came up empty. But this is just another excuse to put the draft aside and wait.

Wait for what? For it to simmer just under a boil, to brown to a golden hue or to blacken to a crisp? Well none of that will happen without some heat. The heat... that is where I come in. I and my 0.5 mechanical pencil (two clicks, please) at the ready.

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