Saturday, February 5, 2011

Books for Revision and the Gifts in Dreams

Still on the hunt for help with revising this first draft. I checked out Holly Lisle's site. Very interesting information though the courses are not doable for me right now. Saving that one for a later date. I've dropped "Weekend Novelist Rewrites the Novel..."  and "Revision and Self Editing" in my cart on the Writer's Digest site. They are pretty well priced and free shipping is always nice. I used "The Weekend Novelist" quite a few years ago and am hoping for the same from the rewrite version. I'll let you know what I think.

Have you used any of these books previously? What did you think? What did you use and what did you pass by? Did you reach the goals you set by using the books? What other books have you used for writing or revision?

Now on to a completely different topic....

I've been having very odd dreams as of late. Some horrifying (severed head on the picnic table during cookout) and some just plain odd (forced to sell cookies because I wouldn't eat my dinner). The dream I had last night was both horrifying and just plain odd. Either way, I've jotted this one down as a possible story line. It has just enough sanity and just enough impossibility to make it a perfectly good story.

Wish I could realize when I'm dreaming like "Inception". If I could realize I was dreaming, I think I could do so much more in the dream. Like the dream I had last night. I remember thinking in one part that something wasn't right and trying to figure out why that would have happened... never realizing I was dreaming.

Have you ever been able to control your dreams? Ever written a story based on them? How do you keep from losing the dream the moment you wake?