Saturday, July 23, 2011

November Waits

November waits in the shadows just 3 short months away. Why do I mention it? November brings me to one year since completing the draft of "Bleak" and it also brings me to another "NaNoWriMo" just waiting to take over my life. I'm feeling the pressure to get this manuscript into shape. I'm feeling the need to have at least a second or third or fourth draft underway before starting a new project. Am I writing this year for NaNo? Sure (that was weak). There's no reason I shouldn't write for NaNo this year. I have the same drama (or lack thereof) going on as last year.

NaNo requires that you begin a new piece of writing. This means I can't pull out "Bleak" and use this time for my rewrites. The plan would be to create the 2nd book of the series. Just how many books are in this series? I haven't a clue. The characters know. I can feel them getting antsy about it, too. I can hear them whispering, "At this rate, we'll never get there."

So what's stalling me today? Well, this morning I worked for a while. Now I need to review school work and get an email out to the team about our last project. I also need to finish unpacking my boxes of beads and books. The project room needs help. I just don't feel like I can work in there until I have it back the way it was. Don't sigh and shake your head like that... I have enough characters doing that inside my own head as it is. Oh and the yard.. it's, well, it's a tad overgrown in places.

Time to get moving. Time to do all the things I need to do before I can sit down and do the things I want to do.

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