Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Package with My Name on It

I recently watched an unauthorized biography of how Harry Potter came to be. I am sure there were embellishments throughout the movie but the core of the movie was simple.Writing was part of her life from the time she could pick up a crayon but it took a back seat to "life" and "conformity" that settles around us all. Eventually, she listened to the voices in her head, spewed out a book and left it again and again and again. Somewhere along the way she gained the courage to devote more time to the completion of the book, found an agent and they went on the hunt for a publisher... then it happened.

Whether it truly happened this way or not is irrelevant ... she received a package with her name on it. Inside the package was Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for her review and admiration. I wanted to rewind that part and watch it again and again. I want that for me. I want to open a package with my name on it. I want to see my book in print with a hard back cover. I want to flip through the pages and smell my book pages flip by my face... yep.. I wanna smell it! I want to hold it, embrace it.. hell, I'd probably even hold it like a teddy bear when I slept.

A few posts back I think I mentioned a dream I was standing outside a book store and the worker inside was displaying books in the front window on a ladder. The ladder had books from the bottom to top based on ranking. In the biography, "Jo" watched as her book was placed in the window. I want that too. I want my book in the window.

I want it all.

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