Thursday, October 8, 2015

Feeling all the Feels...

I've been thinking a lot about my characters. Where do I want to begin this story? How will they meet? How much do I put into this story? All of these questions lead me to more questions and while I realize these questions only make sense to me here's what they sound like in my head:

How many times will I bring them through the cycle? Is the cycle perfect and never ending? Is it slightly flawed to give a far off reminder of mortality? What's the flaw? An Illness? Wait, what if she has an illness during one of the cycles? What if he has to wait for her? OMG! Why am I crying hysterically in the hallway?

The crying really happened which means I must be on to something. Go with it. It hurts my heart and I feel nauseous. It must be right. It must the story they want told. I'm getting closer to them, my characters. Let's let this simmer a moment. I need to clear my eyes.

NaNoPrep .. yes. Let's discuss NaNoPrep. Whew.

I've been prepping a little for my story but I'm also prepping for the time between my story. I'm prepping for the moments when I break down mid chapter and cry (it happens, often). I'm prepping for the moments I'm typing along and BAM.. I got nothin'. So here's my list so far:

New notebooks for plots and ideas
Scented candles
Gum, lots of gum
Comfie t-shirt/sweater
Music list
Coloring books
Colored pencils

This is it so far. I think that's a good start. I'm also trying to decide if I want to use a structured outline system like Scrivner or Ywriter. I need to decide soon so I can use it for prepping. Decisions. So many decisions.

Welp, back to the hard part ... the feels!!

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