Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Getting in the Mood (rawr) ...

When I'm writing, really writing, I feel more like ... me. Writing, for me, is a release of thoughts running randomly through my head at various times of the day. Writing allows me to make sense of nonsense. Putting words on paper taps into something inside me that nothing else reaches. I feel more alive, more awake, more in love with the world, more connected.... I feel more.

I haven't written anything notable for years. I wrote Bleak back in 2010 and set it aside to simmer a bit. I never came back to it. I believe I did a little manual editing on the printed pages, but no restructuring. For whatever reason, I remembered NaNoWriMo sometime in September which meant I had plenty of time to get my butt in the chair and figure out what to write this year.

At first I was going through the motions and sorta talking myself into writing. I looked up my old writer friends on twitter (@khrys_norman), updated my writer FB page (Khrys Norman), and revamped my blog here (I like the new look). As I began to put things back in order, I really started to feel better mentally. I cleaned the room in which I intend to write and found a few goodies to keep around for writing inspiration. I added new friends on Twitter and found current authors. I've pledged to read more and my brain is shifting in the right direction.

I watched a live pod cast hosted by NaNoWriMo which included many of my own questions about writing. Answers were given by well known authors: Kami Garcia, Danielle Paige, Ellen Hopkins, and Jonathan Maberry. If you don't know their names, you've probably seen their work (or read it!). I was googly-eyed and giddy through the whole thing. These writers took the time to answer our questions... how wonderful!! After watching the recording and taking notes, I realized just how much I adore writing and the writing community. These people speak my language! I want to talk with them all day long.

I am no longer talking myself into writing this next book.. I'm committed. I want to write this book ... I need to write this book. The ideas are coming now. The characters are talking to me through the day.. nothing too pushy.. just a nudge here and there. I'm excited. I've missed them.

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