Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cover Me Happy!

It's NaNoPrep month, so I'm working on what I need to get this novel out in November. Tonight, I created the book cover. I used a lotus flower, wings, and some energy stuff. That's the technical explanation. I used to use Microsoft Image Composer for all of my picture creations, but this time I used PicMonkey. No downloading needed and it's very easy to use.

The title of this year's NaNoWrimo is "Symbiosis" .. or at least it is right now. I chose the title based on my character's relationship with one another. The title is likely to change as this story unfolds. As I was creating this cover and thinking about my characters, I realized I do not have a villain/antagonist. I'm excited to discover who or what this villain will be. My chosen characters have an entire story to tell and I know very little about it. They'll be telling me as I'm telling you.

Beginning tomorrow morning, I am planning to get up early to type more of "Bleak." I suppose I should get off to bed if I'm going to be successful with this plan.

Goodnight and happy NaNoPrepping!

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