Friday, October 23, 2015

Lost Forever Words

Almost 15 years go, I tried my hand at writing children's books. I wrote a very short story/poem about a child enjoying the rain. I loved it. No one else loved, but it didn't matter. I loved it. It was simple, short, and fun. I also wrote a longer children's story about a stuffed bunny from my childhood, but it was too much like Velveteen rabbit. I was thinking about these stories and wondering if I still had printed copies. This started me thinking about all of the short stories I've written over the years and all the lost forever words.

 When I write a story, I feel it. The words begin to flow in an order I cannot predict and cannot control. If I try to control the words, the words stop coming. When I try to predict the direction of the story, I end up 20 miles from where I thought I was going. I think if I tried to write the same story twice, I would have two completely different stories.

This brings me to all the stories I've written over the years and lost. I printed them and put them somewhere for safe keeping. Where they are now, I couldn't tell you. I remember some of them. The girl murdered in her apartment on the night of her girlfriend's proposal. The boy who couldn't handle life and killed himself over the crowd of people watching his favorite band. The pregnant girl fighting to get away from her abusive mother and promises of breaking the cycle. The girl happy to confide in her plant rather than her boyfriend.

Wow. So much sadness and hurt in all of those stories. This doesn't even touch on the many poems about security, trust, and abandonment. There was also a story about a couple that loved one another so much they refused to be apart, literally. They died holding one another. A tree formed around and created an outline of their bodies. I liked that one.

Where are these stories? They are out there somewhere or are they under my bed? I have a bin under the bed with various stuff from years gone by. I suppose it's possible the stories have been patiently awaiting their turn in sun.

Hmmmm... be right back!

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