Saturday, November 7, 2015

Word Count? What Word Count?

Starting NaNoWriMo is easy. Pick a scene you want to write, and write it. Voila! You have your first 1,6667 words, maybe more. Maybe your first day was a breeze and you were like "Pfft, I've so got this!" Then.... it happens.

You wake up the next morning with a cough and a scratchy throat. Your eyes are watering like the falls of Niagra and your nose isn't much better. OMG.. you're sick! You know from past experience this whatever it is will likely last at least 10 days. No less than 5 of those days will be riddled with coughing until you pee in your pants and trying to remember a time when you were truly happy.

Of course this means no writing. Your days of NaNoWriMo are over! Oh hush. Don't be so dramatic about it. Sure. You may be down a few days and your novel may be taunting you, never mind the every growing word count you're not hitting, but there's always next year. Nah.. I'm kidding.

I started NaNoWriMo with everyone else this year on Sunday, November 1. I was full of energy and ready to write a new novel. I hit my 1,1667 words in a just a few hours (more like 6 hours, but whatever) and was off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday. My new novel had begun. All was right with the world. Monday night, I found it more difficult to keep the story going and only wrote a few hundred words. I was tired and my throat was a bit scratchy. Tuesday morning I woke up to all the horrors described above. I did not write the rest of the week.

It's now Saturday, November 7, and my word count by this time should be 10,002. My actual word count is a whopping 2,254 .. a difference of  7, 748 words. Am I freaking out? Yes, of course I am. Am I giving up? Yes, of course.... wait, wait. No, no I'm not giving up. To catch up I need about 3800 words today and tomorrow. That's not crazy! I can do that! Right? Write!

Throughout today and tomorrow, I will use the NaNoWriMo sprints on Twitter and set goals. I will update my word count before each break. You will see this number magically increase and hopefully by Monday morning, I will be back on target.

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